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Prevent breaches by hardening your cloud infrastructure.
Cloud misconfiguration

Cloud misconfigurations are a common cause of breaches

Cloud Security Assessments will identify misconfigurations that you need to remediate to significantly reduce your exposure to breaches.

For most organizations today, the cloud is at least a critical part of the overall IT environment. For others, it is their entire IT reality. Either way, your company’s day-to-day operations undoubtedly rely on stable, secure, and resilient cloud infrastructure.

Our extensive emergency incident response work shows time and time again that attackers are successfully gaining access to companies like yours by exploiting cloud infrastructure misconfigurations.

IT and Security teams struggle to stay on top of this challenging area, and justifiably so considering:

  • Cloud infrastructure is an inherently complex domain, and the sheer volume of configuration possibilities makes it difficult to know what to focus on and how.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Providers are constantly changing things, so keeping up with this pace adds to the complexity.
  • The threat landscape evolves, and criminals are continuously learning new ways of compromising your environment.
  • Your organization is also constantly changing and evolving, through new IT investments, organic growth and expansion, turnover in people, acquisitions, and company integrations, to name a few.

Our Cloud Security Assessment service is here to help you. We will point you in the right direction and tell you which configurations need to be addressed.

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Harden your cloud infrastructure

Our objective is to help you harden your systems. Our service is fundamentally oriented toward prevention of breaches.

Yes, our service will also help your company’s compliance-driven efforts. However, the main purpose of our service is to take a ‘security first’ perspective.

In designing our service, we have analyzed the attack chains involved in many of the most prevalent cloud infrastructure threats that your company is exposed to, including:

  • Business Email Compromise
  • Domain Boundary Escalation
  • Vulnerable App Compromise
  • Resource Hijacking

By addressing the findings from our assessment, you are working to reduce exposure to and prevent such attacks.

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Service flexibility to suit your needs

For Microsoft Azure (Entra-ID and Office 365) we have two service options:

1. Essentials

This is for companies that want a high-level assessment focused on the most critical controls. The need for such an assessment might be triggered by a recent breach and the desire to avoid a repeat incident. It might also be aligned to a periodic review that is on your continuous improvement plan for security.

While we refer to it as ‘high-level’, the coverage of our Essentials service is very detailed and focuses on the most critical controls. Many companies choose to run these assessments with a reasonably frequent cadence.

2. Advanced

This is for companies that want a very detailed and extensive service that leaves no stone unturned.

Given the critical nature of cloud security to your operations, you may wish to consider adding this to your ‘Must Have’ annual assessments.

Unique Methodology 

Most services of this type require you to provide a username and password to your service provider. This is inherently insecure, especially given that these credentials are of the highest level of privilege.

We have designed a methodology that does not require sharing such sensitive data with us. Please contact us to find out more.


Rapidly and comprehensively identify and prioritize cloud infrastructure-related security risks.
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Get clear recommendations on remediation actions to take.
Harden your cloud infrastructure to reduce exposure to possible breaches.
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Take a security-first approach, while also supporting your compliance efforts.

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