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Be proactive. Do not wait until you have been breached.

Our Compromise Assessments are an essential business need for all organizations

Increasingly, companies around the world understand that Compromise Assessments are a basic business imperative as they enable them to:

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Comply with industry regulations
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Avoid straining customer relationships as a results of breaches and leakage of sensitive data
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Reduce their exposure to 3rd party security risks
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Obtain competitive cyber insurance policies (and pursue associated claims)
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Avoid having risks priced into M&A valuations (cyber is becoming a standard component of due diligence assessments)
Mitigate potential drops in stock prices as a result of breaches
Maintain strong credit ratings, as these are increasingly factoring in cybersecurity considerations
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Undertake compromise assessment

At the same time, companies understand that a ‘prevention’ strategy alone does not work. The worrying reality is that it often takes companies over 100 days to discover that they have been breached. It is during this time that criminals do more and more damage.

A crucial step toward having a strong security posture is undertaking Compromise Assessments.

This is because Compromise Assessments with CSIS are a proactive and in-depth look at your full network, at an endpoint level, through which we deliver a comprehensive and interconnected set of technical assessments:

  • Threat Assessment: Are there any indications of threats (malicious actors) present on my network?

  • Risk Assessment: What risks is my network exposed to that could pave the way for malicious actors to gain access?

  • Windows Security Assessment: Which Operating System-level security settings are out of line with best practices and, therefore, represent a threat vector?


Fast, in-depth assessment at an end-point level
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Technology-powered methodology to achieve scale and depth
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Expert Consultants with Incident Response and Forensics backgrounds drive the process and derive the insights
Compare your Windows security settings against 2 leading baselines: Microsoft and US Department of Defense (that means checking against 400+ controls!)
Requires minimum customer involvement


Prioritised findings mean you know how to focus efforts
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Computer-specific findings means you know exactly what remediation actions to take and where to do so
Reduce the time lag between compromise and discovery and get expert input on how to mitigate issues
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Detect and respond to security threats and risks proactively
Engender a more proactive approach to cybersecurity

We deliver results. Fast.

Most Compromise Assessment engagements will last <4 weeks. Even for large-scale assignments. We follow a standard 3-step methodology, which is both non-invasive and non-disruptive.


Deploy and run Chronos
Shield search
Identify threats and risks, and determine severities
Define recommended actions and specific issue resolutions

Delivered by expert consultants


Our industry-leading service is supported by “Chronos”, the world’s most powerful cybersecurity investigations platform. Chronos allows us to assess your entire network accurately, without sacrificing depth or speed, while avoiding bank-breaking fees.

  • Scales, automates and improves every stage of the investigative process, from data collection, to analysis and reporting.
  • It takes minutes to run our application.
  • Powerful intelligence and analytics tools ensure depth and breadth of insights.

Rest assured

No matter what the findings, a Compromise Assessment is beneficial because you will either:

  • Gain peace of mind should the assessment show that there are no threats or risks present in your network, or
  • Be able to initiate a series of well-defined actions to mitigate the consequences of a threat or risk, before it becomes a full-blown incident.

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