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Analysis and deployment of Microsoft Sentinel.

Streamline your Microsoft Sentinel Deployment

CSIS's Acceleration for Microsoft Sentinel will optimize your Azure, Microsoft 365, and Firewall integration into Microsoft Log Analytics and Sentinel. We start by identifying your unique SIEM needs, understanding your infrastructure, and recommending relevant upgrades to your security posture. We highlight compatible Sentinel log sources tailoring a detection strategy that maximizes your SIEM utilization.

Whether you are just starting with log collection or you're ready to integrate your entire infrastructure into Sentinel, CSIS provides guidance and assists with actionable steps to accelerate your journey.

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The faster you can detect a cyber-attack the less damage it will cause

CSIS provides comprehensive assistance in onboarding log sources and detection baselining, we provide you with a rule catalogue based on Microsoft’s best practice, in addition to audit recommendations that are specifically tailored to the current cybersecurity threat landscape. We aim to make your Sentinel implementation as straightforward as possible, ensuring you have a secure and efficient setup.

Improve your reaction time:

  • Enhance your log sources for precise SIEM reporting, reducing false positives and cutting costs. Our service ensures your SIEM displays only crucial information for efficient security management.

Enhance detection capabilities:

  • We collect relevant log sources based on your needs, aligning with current threats. Our service ensures you gather the right data for effective threat management.

Enable automated response actions:

  • Leveraging Microsoft Sentinel's automation capabilities, we assist in accelerating your response time for efficient threat management. 



Standing on the shoulders of giants

Drawing on our extensive Managed Detection & Response experience and handling over 200 Incident Response cases annually, we apply insights about best logging practices and optimal detection rules from Microsoft into this service.


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Best practice detection rules for efficient alerting

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