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Asset discovery is essential

Asset discovery is the process of passively detecting, scanning, and inventorying OT assets on an industrial OT network. It’s a form of passive network scanning that specifically focuses on non-IT assets and devices, such as industrial control systems, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

Asset discovery typically involves the identification of IP addresses, port numbers, MAC addresses, and other network attributes of OT assets.

Without having a complete and up-to-date OT asset inventory, it becomes virtually impossible to effectively implement strong cyber security controls.

In this exercise we use in-house built tools to help us analyze the data collected. CSIS will be able to map out the network and come with practical recommendations regarding securing the industrial equipment. In the end of the assignment the customer will have a better overview of which devices there are present and how they communicate.


Build an inventory of all connected OT assets


By safely enumerating your industrial environment with passive technology, our OT cyber security professionals will conduct an analysis against known vulnerabilities and provide risk-mitigating recommendations to help develop a cyber resilient production environment.


The OT Asset Discovery Service is the best way to discover any hidden assets in your OT environment and get an overview on how devices communicate. This assignment aims to provide you with a more in-depth understanding on what is happening on your OT environment and to get assurance that the network is setup the same way you had intended.


The goal of this process is to build an inventory of all connected OT assets to better manage and secure them.


A straightforward and non-invasive approach

Our approach is very straightforward and non-invasive. All we need are PCAP files from the network to analyze. And don’t worry, we will guide your technician in obtaining the necessary network data, if required.

In-depth findings. Actionable recommendations.


With our OT Asset Discovery Service, you will receive enhanced visibility of your critical industrial assets - without interruptions to your production processes.


You will receive a comprehensive mapping of OT devices and networks, allowing you to identify anomalies or suspicious activities and mitigate risk to your operations.


Your deliverable will also contain findings on possible attacks vectors, and recommendations on improving your OT cybersecurity posture.


Not only will you improve your cyber posture by following our recommendations, but you will also improve your cyber resilience through full network and asset visibility.

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