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Ensuring a strong security posture in OT is becoming more demanding

Technology acceleration and evolving standards are driving the relentless pace to bring breakthrough products to market faster, at a lower cost.

However, the associated risks of moving faster and faster are huge, from Intellectual Property theft to malicious attacks that can disrupt production, and harm your brand. In severe cases, catastrophic plant failure could have fatal results. The continuous integration of new technologies into industrial equipment and automated plants requires industrial equipment to be validated. 

In the recent years the increasing number of cyber security related incidents affecting industrial control systems has forced organizations to pay more attention to security issues.

Unfortunately, there are no complete and comprehensive standards whose specifications can be followed to protect any critical system. Several initiatives have, however, been started with the objective of improving the security level and the robustness of industrial systems.

Industrial equipment and machinery are subject to some of the world’s most extensive conformity requirements, with added complexity as automation and robotics become integral to operations. You need timely and efficient solutions to help you stay compliant and competitive but also need to ensure the equipment is living up to modern day security requirements.

Our OT Security Assessment Service (Red Team/Pentest) is an exercise to help you understand if your new or old equipment is vulnerable to any forms of attack.

We have extensive experience in security testing of industrial devices, which our cooperation with several suppliers and the CVE list of fixed vulnerabilities (zero-days) also proves.

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Understand and remediate your vulnerabilities


Our OT Security Assessment Service improves your security posture by letting our OT security experts submit your OT equipment to tests that are designed to find weaknesses.

Not only do we ensure that your equipment is secure, but we also provide you with actionable recommendations on how to protect these devices.

Our contributions to a safer industrial environment include finding zero-days and making responsible disclosure notifications to leading vendors, including Moxa, Siemens/Ruggedcom, Palo Alto, Honeywell, Hirchmann, ATC and others.


Tried and tested approach

To make a proper assessment, we require access to a device with the same brand and version as the devices running on the network. Beyond that, we will use our tried and tested tools and methodologies to conduct extensive and detailed testing.

We will gladly talk you through our approach in detail during a scoping meeting.

In-depth findings. Actionable recommendations.

OT Security Assessments are more rigorous than traditional functional testing because the tester is not necessarily comparing actual program behavior to expectations derived from specifications. Rather, the tester is often looking for unspecified symptoms indicating the presence of unsuspected vulnerabilities. This important distinction drives an important impact on your security posture.
We will deliver a report that will guide you on how to eliminate security flaws, meet regulatory requirements, and demonstrate your products’ strong security credentials. 

Your deliverable will also contain findings on possible attacks vectors, and recommendations on improving your OT cybersecurity posture.

Not only will you improve your cyber posture by following our recommendations, but you will also improve your cyber resilience through an improved understanding of the current security status of devices on your network.

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