2023.12 Release Notes

Threat Intelligence Portal

  • We released the “Reports” tab, under which customers can create and download service delivery reports (currently for MDR and Anti-Phishing). Any potential future Emergency Response or Consultancy reports can also be found here. 
  • Threat Insight articles can now be exported as PDF for easier internal circulation. 


  • Technical measures to allow better tracking of a specific threat actor were added. 
  • Anti-Phishing service delivery reports can now be generated by customers on demand. 

Cyber Threat Intelligence 

  • Cyber Defense Feeds are now also accessible via STIX/TAXII. 
  • A new "Phishing” feed was added, containing all URLs confirmed as Phishing. 
  • Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) information of supported domains is now shown in the Investigation interface. 
  • New ingestion sources for Command-and-Control (C2) servers, Phishing URLs, and malware hashes were added. 

Managed Detection & Response 

  • MDR Statistics reports can now be requested in the “Reports” tab. 
  • A defect was fixed, that was causing automatically closed incidents not to be closed in the respective SIEM system. 

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