2023.11 Release Notes

Cyber Threat Intelligence 

  • We added 21 Domain-Generation-Algorithms to provide better C2 server coverage. 

Threat Intelligence Portal 

  • It is now possible to export a ticket as a PDF, including ticket metadata and comments, to support customer internal reporting and compliance requirements. 

  • CSV exports of tickets and alerts include the customer's name, to enable customer-specific statistics for customers with multiple business units. 

  • The ticket CSV export now includes the ticket description and the customer reference, which can be used to correlate the information with internal ticketing systems.

  • The ticket creation time can now be added as a column to the ticket results table. You can enable it by selecting it in the header settings on the top right of the table.

  • The contrast of the selected timeframe in the timepicker was increased in the high-contrast mode to improve accessibility. 

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