2023.10 Release Notes

From: 21 September 2023

To: 20 October 2023


  • We are now measuring and displaying the duration between our Google Safe Browsing report and the URL being reported as malicious by Google Safe Browsing.
  • The service usage during the current contractual period is shown in the Threat Intelligence Portal when applicable.
  • Hostnames are now normalized to reduce the number of duplicate phishing URLs. 

Compromised Data 

  • CVVs with less than 4 digits are ignored in case of American Express credit cards. 
  • The entries in the “Top 8 Data Sources” statistics are now clickable and lead to the search results for the selected data source. 

Cyber Threat Intelligence 

  • A substantial number of Domain Generation Algorithms (DGAs) have been added to increase coverage of potential Command-and-Control (C2) servers. 
  • Indicators of Compromise that were looked up in the Investigation section of the Threat Intelligence Portal are now prioritized for augmentation, so that additional information on previously unknown entities can be provided faster. 

Threat Intelligence Portal 

  • The ticket free-text search now includes the ticket description. 
  • “Child Tickets” and “Parent Ticket” relationships are now listed in the ticket detail page under “Related Items”. 
  • An updated TIP design makes better use of space available on wide screens. 
  • Only timestamps within the last 30 days are shown as relative values (e.g., “3 days ago”). Previously the limit was 80 days. This behavior can be changed under “Profile -> User Preferences”. 
  • Ticket creation and closure timestamps can be displayed in the ticket search table, by configuring the visible columns in the table settings. They are automatically added to the CSV export. 
  • A defect that caused invalid input to disappear when using the Threat Cloud component was fixed. 
  • A defect in the investigation tab that caused URLs to be lower-cased for searched was fixed. 
  • A “High Contrast Mode” was added to improve the Accessibility of the Threat Intelligence Portal for all users. You can activate it under “Profile -> User Preferences”. 
  • The “Portal News” section was re-added to the Threat Intelligence Portal. You can find them by clicking on the "bell” icon at the top right. 

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