2023.09 Release Notes

From: 21 August 2023

To: 20 September 2023

Threat Intelligence Portal

  • Converted inline icons to SVG for better cross-platform consistency and performance. 
  • Extended Ticket API with customer re-assignable severities and references. 
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the search bar not to clear after new searches were submitted in the Threat Cloud. 
  • Portal News now allows the user to mark news items as read. 
  • High Contrast Mode for increased accessibility. 
  • Ability to toggle time indications between absolute and relative time. 


  • Now tracks Google Safe Browsing submission lead time, i.e., the time it takes for an identified and submitted phishing domain to be detectable in Safe Browsing. .  

Cyber Threat Intelligence 

  • The new and improved CSIS Cyber Defense Feeds are now available on Over time, all CSIS APIs will be consolidated here. 
  • The CSIS Cyber Defense feed is now available as a network device-friendly blocklist using client id/secret pairs rather than OAuth, ideal for integration directly in firewalls.

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