CSIS launches new Threat Intelligence Portal

Exciting news!

We have launched our new and improved Threat Intelligence Portal (TIP), which customers can access at the following URL using existing credentials: https://portal.csis.com.


What’s new?
We have completely revamped the TIP with a sophisticated and modern design that's intuitive to use and highlights the data our customers value most. The new dashboard offers a quick insight into the most pertinent metrics based on each of our customer's unique services and subscriptions. Each tile on the dashboard has multiple functions and can display data for a customized time period.

 As always, accessibility has been a foundational consideration in the new design, which is why we follow WCAG 2.2 guidelines to ensure that our portal is optimized for everyone, and we of course continue to adhere to the highest standards for secure software engineering.

We have also added a new feature that allows users to toggle between Light and Dark Mode. The desired mode can also be selected via your browser's settings.

Incremental releases
We have put a lot of time and effort into designing the User Experience of the new TIP, but there are no better judges of User Experience than you, the users. That is why we have chosen to release the new TIP as early as possible, with a minimum set of features at first, followed by the gradual introduction of the product tabs. This approach will enable us to receive and address feedback in an iterative manner. Ultimately, our objective is to give our customers the best user experience possible and thereby maximize the value of our services to you.

For the initial release, our customers will have access to the new Dashboard, Alerts, Tickets, and profile settings.

Over the coming months, you will see the following Product tab releases:
  • “Articles” and “Platinum Alert Service” will be merged into Threat Insights
  • “CIRK” will be renamed Remote Forensics
  • “Drop Data” will be renamed Compromised Data
  • “Crimeware” will be renamed Investigation and will be upgraded with an IOC search interface, and an interactive Threat Cloud 
We hope you will enjoy using the new TIP and get significant value from the wealth of data and features in there, and we look forward to your feedback, which can be submitted as a ticket marked for Support, so we can continue our improvement journey with the benefit of your experience.