2023.05 Release Notes

From: 21 April 2023 

To: 20 May 2023

Threat Intelligence Portal

  • The visibility and order of search table columns are now stored locally, thereby ensuring their appearance is maintained between logins.

  • Improved UX of the notifications settings by explaining the meaning of “User Involved Tickets”.

  • Ticket attachments are inserted into the Ticket comment thread.


  • The initial submission source and method for Phishing URLs are shown in the search results, while later submissions are now shown on the Phishing URL detail page. 

Cyber Threat Intelligence 

  • The Threat Intelligence Portal Investigation interface automatically “un-defangs" domains, URLs and IP addresses from their defanged state (e.g., example[.]com) to their un-defanged state (e.g.,

  • Added more OSINT feeds to the system.